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PO Box 141122
Orlando, Florida 32814


PUBLIC SERVICE...GET A ZOSTAVAX VACCINE TO PREVENT SHINGLES!!!!   They have it at Walgreens in Central Florida


You can Contact our officers (BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE)to come with us on our FLOATING FEMINIST CRUISE

PLEASE forward this to your friends.

Greater Orlando NOW’s 1st Annual Floating Feminists Caribbean Cruise

You’ve been to feminist events before, but never on a luxurious cruise ship! Imagine sailing away on RCLs beautiful “Freedom of The Seas” cruise ship and at the same time checking a dream item off that bucket list of yours!

Nothing beats the excitement, adventure and new experiences like an all-inclusive cruise! Did we say FUN?! Did we say WOW?! Did we say EXOTIC PLACES?!

Imagine you are on the beautiful “Freedom of The Seas”. It’s October 11 and you are setting sail for the beautiful island nations of Haiti, Jamaica, Grand Cayman and Mexico on your 7-night adventure cruise!

There is so much to choose from! There will be theater productions nightly with breathtaking entertainment, all-you-can-eat dinning, rock climbing, ice-skating, surfing, zip-lining…WOW! All as you sail to and from exotic Caribbean islands on a truly magnificent ship!

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Did we say FOOD? The main dining room offers sumptuous cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner with spectacular buffets and incredible views. Elsewhere, there is a gourmet deli and Italian-style pizza! Did we say ROOM SERVICE? Did we say FREE? All of the above are free as part of your all-inclusive cruise!

Adventure awaits you at every exotic port! Experience/explore Labadee Haiti, Falmouth Jamaica, George Town Grand Cayman and Cozumel, Mexico! Here again, your choices are endless. On land or at sea! Tubing a river, climbing a waterfall, anything and everything you can do on a beach or in the warm Caribbean waters. For nature lovers, there are rain forests, waterfalls, beautiful scenery, nature parks, up close and personal turtles, dolphins and stingrays! Lots of sight seeing, Mayan ruins and other historical sights, culinary adventures…and the beat goes on!
Cruising means you can have it all! If only you had more time!! You can even get married on the ship or one of the fabulous beaches (additional fees apply).

A few special feminist events are being scheduled. This truly promises to be an adventure of a lifetime! However, you might get tired and want to just relax! You can choose not to go on shore, visit the library, hang on the deck, people watch or take a nap! No one will tell you otherwise.

A few little additional details…unpack only once, wake up each morning in a new beautiful place and pick your own itinerary!  Doesn’t this sound like heaven?! Oh, and by the way, you can go to Hell…Hell, Grand Cayman is a place…Really!!

Prices starting from $745. per person (government fees not included).

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Note: Cabins are limited! All deposits and payments are 100% fully refundable by Royal Caribbean up through June 1, 2015. Cancellation fees only apply after June 2, 2015.

Mark the date and be ready for your WOW experience!



Watch this space for Our next meeting

, 2015


Open to all


Our next State Conference will be in May 15-17in Venice Fl

Members only

Our next National Conference will be in New Orleans June 20 3 days    

See Link on left NOW Foundation Board Report

Left to right  Mary Wilson (Greater Orlando NOW Pres.),  Patricia Ireland (National NOW Pres. 1991 to 2001),  Terry O'neill (Current National NOW Pres.), Aida Zuniga (Pres. Spanish Speaking NOW)


These are the 4 contraceptives Hobby Lobby doesn’t have to provide in their insurance policies

They all use the same hormones as birth control pills and do not cause abortion.  BUT they save Hobby Lobby money in the beginning, but their premiums will  increase with unintended pregnancies.

  1. Plan B (“The Morning After Pill”)
  2. Ella (a similar type of “emergency contraception”)
  3. Copper Intra-Uterine Device
  4. IUD with progestin


The Florida State Conference was held in Mt Dora on May 30-31-June1      

Left to right Greater Orlando NOW Members Mary Ledkea, Norma Young, Gubernatorial candidate NAN RICH, and Mary Wilson

Steve Schwartz, Mary Wilson and Aida Zuniga

We met great candidates.  Michael McKenna, not in picture, is running against Daniel Webster in our district and Nan Rich is holding right side of NOW sign and George Sheldon, not pictured. is running for Attorney General. Gabriel Rothblatt, first man to the left of the flag, is running against Posey in District 8.

For regular meetings watch this page or your email

We will have a prize for the members

who bring a new visitor to the meeting.

 dinner available

As always, bring a yard sale item to donate if you have something

you don’t want any longer.

We sponsored a protest against Walmart's low wages, unfair firings, and 24 hour work week so they don't have to give any benefits. 

Our Chicago Protest

Our Orlando Protest  on Semoran in Orlando

Our National Conference

We re-elected Terry O'Neille as NOW President. and picketed Walmart.

We also committed to electing a woman president in the US

Our legislators in Tallahassee have completed their work (???) and we will report the new laws that affect you here. Watch for it.

Your calls and letters were successful in PASSING the Violence Against Women Act. Dispite the efforts of these leaders and 160 Republicans who voted against it.  Remember in NOVEMBER 2014.

Speaker John Boehner (OH) 202-225-6205 and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (VA) 202-225-2815

NOW has officially endorsed NAN RICH for Governor.

Our legislators in Tallahassee have completed their work (???) and here we report the new laws that affect you.

The 2013 legislative session is over and the women of Florida slipped through relatively unharmed – this time.  Please see the legislative wrap up details below: 

Anti-abortion bills:

HB 1129 / SB 1636 by Rep Pigman and Sen Flores:  Infants Born Alive

Ostensibly to protect late term aborted fetuses, these bills are totally unnecessary. Again, there are no facts or figures to back up the need for another intrusive bill against abortion rights.

Wrap up: This bill did pass the legislature and is supported by the Governor. Planned Parenthood was successful in removing some offensive wording that would have stripped the mother of parental rights and did not object to the final bill.  However, Florida NOW stands by its opposition on the basis that this was an unnecessary bill and opens the door to subjective interpretation that could be used solely for the purpose of targeting abortion providers.

HB 845 / SB 1072 by Rep Van Zant and Sen Evers: Termination of Pregnancy Based on Sex or Race of Unborn Child

One of the latest tricks to restrict abortion rights is to make up a problem that doesn’t exist so they can enact useless laws. These so-called race and sex selection abortion bills have no facts to back them up. These bills are unnecessary and insulting to women and doctors.

Wrap up: This bill passed the House but not the Senate.

 HB 759 / SB 876 by Rep Ahern and Sen Stargel: Offenses against Unborn Children

While purporting to add violence protection for pregnant women these bills instead are another veiled attempt at ‘personhood’ for fertilized eggs.

Wrap up: This bill passed the House but not the Senate.

HB 395 / SB 1056  by Rep Van Zant and by Sen Evers are the “all-out” ban on abortion care, with very limited exceptions for life of the mother.

Wrap up: Did not pass any committees – we’ll see you again next year as usual. 

 Other bills opposed by Florida NOW:

HB231 / SB 718 by Rep Workman and Sen Stargel would restrict alimony and disproportionately negatively impacts women.

Wrap up: Although the bill passed both the House and Senate, I’m happy to say the Governor listened to our members (thank you!) and other opponents of the bill and refused to sign this bad bill into law. He stated his major objection is to the retroactive nature of the bill.  

HB 655 by Rep. Precourt / SB 726 by Senator Simmons and HB 1125 by Rep. Goodson / SB 1216 by Senator Bradley are trying to prohibit and pre-empt local efforts to get living wages, leave time, and wage theft ordinances passed which they know we are able to do in many local communities.

Wrap up: HB 655 has passed the legislature – but it’s not too late. A campaign has been formed asking him to veto this bill. Please go to this site and show your support for a Governor’s veto:

 HB 0869 / SB 1384 by Rep Hager and Sen Galvano:  Nursing Home Litigation

These are bad bills that make it more difficult to sue nursing homes for poor care and negligence. Since women live longer than men, these bill impact older, more vulnerable women.

Wrap up: Did not pass either chamber.

 Bills we support:

HB 8001 by Rep Berman and SB 54 by Joyner is to ratify the Equal Rights Amendment in Florida. Wrap up: Did not pass either chamber. But we are grateful for the one hearing we got this year.

HB 717 & SB 774 The Pregnancy Non-Discrimination Act submitted by Rep Berman and Sen Thompson – protects pregnant women from discrimination and potential firing based on the condition of pregnancy. These rights are protected under Federal law and this bill will bring Florida in line with Federal protections.

Wrap up: Did not pass either chamber.

Other important Bills of note:

From the Democratic Women’s Club of Florida:

Election Reform squeaked by in the final hour of the 2013 session and is on its way to the Governor. While not a perfect bill, the bill does include a number of changes to our election process for future elections provided the Governor signs HB 7013 into law.

 Included in the bill is: 

- A minimum of 8 days of early voting and for 8 hours a day, with Supervisors of Elections having the flexibility for up to 14 days and for 12 hours a day(minimum of 64 hours, maximum of 168 hours).

-Early voting locations have been expanded to include: fairgrounds; civic center; courthouse; county commission building; stadium; convention center; government-owned senior center; government-owned community center; one additional site “free pick” as needed. This is the most extensive early voting site list to date.

-Allows for those voters who have forgotten to sign their absentee ballot to "cure" the ballot by 5 pm on the day before Election Day by signing an absentee ballot affidavit and providing ID. The bill also allows voters to update their address at the polls and vote a regular rather than a provisional ballot provided the county uses an electronic database as a precinct register.

-Does not include the harmful language restricting voter assistance at the polls.

Medicaid Expansion: 

The Senate passed a bill that would accept more than $50 billion federal dollars and offer health coverage to more than 1 million Floridians under the federal health law. Members of the House vigorously opposed it so it didn't pass the House. There is a big campaign this summer to get the Governor to call a special session in the fall and to target specific and important House districts.

Governor Scott does support accepting federal funds for Medicaid expansion.

 Closing the Defined Benefit Pension System in Florida Retirement System HB 7011/SB 1392

This bill would force all new hires into 401-k and risks the retirement security of public workers. 

Wrap up: Did not pass either chamber.

 The “Parent Trigger” SB 862 / HB 867Allows private, for-profit companies to take over public schools through petition

Wrap up: Did not pass either chamber.

 House Bill 7083, Death Penalty

From Senator Arthenia Joyner: Would accelerate carrying out death sentences. Backers insisted the bill streamlines the procedures while protecting due process. Opponents noted that scientific advances have led to the exoneration of inmates in Florida and raised the possibility that speeding up the death penalty could lead to executing innocent people. I debated and voted against this bill in the Senate Chambers because it is my opinion that “swiftness does not necessarily equate to fairness.” The bill is awaiting the Governor’s signature.

 Hopefully this gives you some view of the priorities and leanings of our current legislature and how hard our supporters in office work – thank you to Representative Berman and Senators Joyner and Thompson.

 In sisterhood,

Terry Sanders


Who we elect matters!

Understand what the words life at conception means.


Think about going back to getting permission from a board of men for an abortion to save your life.

Think about going back to getting permission from a board of men for an abortion to take out a dead fetus which is giving you sepsis.

Think about going back to getting permission from a board of men for an abortion to take out a severely deformed fetus.

Think about going back to asking permission from a board of men knowing your 12 year old pregnant daughter will be denied an abortion by them.

Think about the mob’s back ally abortionists getting ready to set up shop.

Think about the women and girls who will die going to their shops or using a wire to self abort.

Think about how many women and girls will get unintendedly pregnant when this man and his like vote to enact a personhood amendment which denied them birth control.

Who we elect matters.



  We have had several copies of this wonderful book donated by the authors for a fundraiser.  We offer it at $14.95 or more or a little less w/free shipping to anyone.  Just call us at 616-666-2699.

NOW National Conference was in Baltimore June 29th to 31st. 

On Saturday May 12, some of us flew to Raleigh, NC to help re-elect our NOW Southeast Regional Director team of Toni Van Pelt and Donna Slutiac.

Thank you everyone who attended Sandy Adams's listening meeting to argue for an all inclusive version of VAWA (Violence Against Women Act) instead of her version.          Sandy Adams was defeated in the Primary.  She is gone.

We also helped get rid of Judge Antoinette Plogstedt.  She is gone

Also   Thank you everyone for attending.

Mandi Trefcer

Saturday April 28th NOON to 3 PM at Senator Beth Johnson Park, Orlando

Our LAST Domestic Violence Program - FREE and Open to the Public was held
Domestic Violence Power Point  The Court response to Domestic Violence


Event & DATE:   Program on Domestic Violence (Resources available in Orange Co.) was held June 15, 2010
TIME & PLACE: 5:30 PM, Cypress room Downtown Orlando Library
101 E. Central, Orlando...Guest speaker Ruth Patrick from Harbor House
Judge N. James Turner and Leandra Preston from

A disc of this REALLY informative program is available for $3.50

Bring  a friend and your drink. And, as always, bring a garage
 sale item for fund raising, if you can.

RESOURCE: Judge Roger McDonald, has made available, a packet on divorce and parenting law.  Email or call us. A DVD is available Staring Attorney N. Diane Holmes, and on the other side
of the bench, Judge Hon. Roger McDonald.

TOPIC:  Current Law for Divorce and Parenting Plans
(formerly child custody and visitation).  
This info is crucial for so many, so bring
a friend. And, as always, bring a garage
sale item for fund raising, if you can.

Orlando-area meetings are held each month. Contact one of us
for date/time/place.

Leadership Team

Mary Wilson, , President
(616) 666-2699


Judith Kaplan, Vice President

Judy Rickles,Treasurer / Membership
(407) 967-3452